Sobremesa, literally "over the table", has no precise English translation, perhaps because there is no cultural equivalent. Sobremesa is the leisurely time after we have finished eating, but before we get up from the table. Time spent in conversation, digesting, relaxing, enjoying. Certainly not rushing. Not reserved for weekends -though it can be longest on Sundays- even weekday and business meals have sobremesa. For Spaniards, how we eat is as important as what we eat.

The many regional cuisines which conform Spanish cooking are based on a few basic principles that may explain its worldwide success and admiration in recent years, in which we are rethinking our relationship to cooking and food. A generous amount of healthy olive oil; a primal focus on vegetables and fresh, seasonal ingredients from the market; and plenty of time devoted to sitting down and communally sharing the meals after loving preparation; these are the building blocks we work from.

With the expert team of Sobremesa you can learn to prepare simple, delicious, wholesome recipes from Catalonia, Spain and the Mediterranean. In our workshops, we cook in small groups in a relaxed, friendly environment. And at last, of course, we always sit down to share our time and efforts and thoroughly enjoy our meals together.

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We look forward to sharing our food with you.

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