About us

Sobremesa was conceived out of our wish to help Americans become more familiar with one of the best cuisines of the world. Catalonia is home to many famous chefs and renowned restaurants, such as Ferran Adria and El Celler de Can Roca (number 1 restaurant in the world for 2013). Though we admire and follow the works of these groundbreaking, experimental chefs, we strongly believe they could not have become world-famous were it not for the strong tradition of home cooking behind them. Ask any famous Spanish chef where they learned to cook and chances are 99% of them will answer: “at home, from my mother”. Spaniards take pride in preparing meals made from scratch with local, seasonal ingredients on a daily basis. We want to teach you some basic -and not so basic- tricks and recipes to make your kitchen a Barcelonian one, too.


Camila Loew, Founder and CEO, has spent about a third of her life in three different countries, and her cooking style tries to include the best of all of them. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, raised in Southern California, and lived in Barcelona for 15 years. She attended culinary school in Barcelona and at the prestigious Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan. She moved to Berkeley in 2013.

Camila's cooking style can be described as homemade, fresh, health-supportive and produce-centered. In Barcelona, Camila taught cooking workshops to locals and to Americans visiting Spain. Her academic background (Camila holds a Ph.D. in Humanities) led her to teach Food and Culture to Americans studying abroad in Barcelona. It was the satisfied students of her classes who first suggested running a Spanish food business in the U.S. Camila is the founder of a healthy cooking blog and website, desayunoconguisantes, through which she offers workshops and classes as well as many other cooking services. She is also responsible for introducing homemade granola to the Spaniards.

In addition to running Sobremesa, Camila is currently the Academic Dean at Bauman College for Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts.

Camila cooks daily for her family of four, and teaches regularly in culinary schools all around the Bay Area:  Bauman College (Berkeley),  The Cooking School at Cavallo Point (Sausalito), 18 Reasons (SF) and Ramekins (Sonoma) . When she's not in the kitchen, you can probably find her riding her bike with her two kids around Berkeley, from farmers market to farmers market.

Julia Mallon Delves, Head of Operations for Sobremesa Culinary Tours, holds a B.S. in Nutrition Science from Colorado State University and a Natural Chef certificate from Bauman College.  Founder of Trailside Kitchen, she developed the Trailside Method: a 6-week program of strategic eating for active lifestyles. In addition to working with people to strategically eat their way to better exercise performance, she is also a culinary instructor at Bauman College in Berkeley and is pursuing her MBA from Sonoma State University.  In her free time, Julia enjoys traveling, bouldering, hiking, backpacking, fly fishing, spending time with her husband and their dog, eating weird food, or being a mad scientist in the kitchen.